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Secondary One Orientation Camp

The Secondary One Orientation Camp was held on 4 and 5 January 2021 to provide the students with a platform to get to know their school, form teachers and classmates. Students were also introduced to the school’s array of Co-Curricular Activities. During the camp, school leaders and key personnel communicated essential information to the students while camp activities were facilitated by Orientation Camp Leaders to promote camaraderie and bonding among the students who came from different schools.

Students experienced the “Know Your School Challenge” to understand PHS better and participated in ice-breaker games as well as an Amazing Race to get to know their classmates, develop team work and learn the school values. Additionally, classes put up a short video performance for the Class Performance Challenge and students bonded over meals together in the classroom or canteen.

163_0333 Ice Breaker.JPG 166_0716 Class Performance Video.JPG 164_0232 Know Your School Challenge.JPG 166_0769 Amazing Race Activity 1.JPG 165_0093 Lunch in the Canteen.JPG