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Applied Learning Programme (ALP) - Health Science

Our Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM)-related ALP carries our hope of inspiring our young on the beauty of discovering and creating things, and raising the aspiration of students to pursue STEM-related courses and careers to address challenges of the future that will improve lives.

Through authentic learning experiences in the area of Health Science, the ALP of PHS seeks to develop competencies such as critical and inventive thinking, grit and problem solving skills.

The ALP consists of 2 tiers to provide depths of experience in view of students’ cognitive and affective levels of development.

·       Tier 1 programme (All Secondary 1 and 2 students from all streams)

All students will undergo a customised module on block-based coding using micro:bit. They will make gadgets, related to health science, with the micro:bit and thereafter progress on to explore what the micro:bit can do with other components. In Secondary 2, students will work with the micro:bit to make prototypes targeted at the physical and mental well-being of the elderly. Students will get an opportunity to show-case their prototypes


·       Tier 2 programme (Selected Secondary 3 and 4 students)

Selected Secondary Three and Four students will undergo a series of hands-on and minds-on activities that leverage on the Advanced Elective Modules (AEM) offered by the polytechnics.