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To develop students into safe online users who are able to discern and be responsible when navigating through the cyberspace. 
This is accomplished through the Cyber Wellness Framework which is being used to guide the students in three Principles:

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(1) Respect for Self and Others

Students need to:
  • uphold their own dignity when online (e.g. share appropriate content and participate in only legal online activities)
  • respect other people online (e.g. put themselves in others’ shoes, accept diverse views and opinions, give credit when using other people’s work and seek permission where necessary, avoid sharing hurtful materials).

(2) Safe and Responsible Use

Students need to:
  • have an understanding of the risks of harmful and illegal online behaviours, and take steps to protect themselves (e.g. keep their personal information private, verify the reliability of information using various sources, take steps to avoid dangers they may encounter online).
  • make wise and healthy choices (e.g. maintain a healthy balance of their online and offline activities)

(3) Positive Peer Influence

Students need to:
  • be a positive role model online (e.g. share healthy and positive content, harness the affordances of technology to do good for society)
  • advocate positive online behaviour (e.g. stand up for their peers online, report cases of cyber bullying to a trusted adult/authority, post encouraging remarks on social media)

Cyber Wellness Curriculum

The main key ideas for students that are being facilitated across the four/five years in the school are:
  • Embrace ICT yet maintain a balanced lifestyle between the physical and the cyber world
  • Harness the power of ICT for positive purposes
  • Maintain a positive presence in cyberspace
  • Be a safe and responsible user of ICT

These ideas are shared and discussed through the Cyber Wellness Lessons that take place during the Character First Lessons (CCE Lessons).

3 Principles 3 Big Ideas 4 Themes 8 Topics
1) Respect for Self & others

2) Safe & Responsible Use

3) Positive Peer Influence
Cyber Identity
Healthy self-identity

Cyber Use
Balanced life and
balanced use
Online identity and expression

Balanced use of ICT
Cyber Relationships
Safe and meaningful

Cyber bullying

Online relationships
Cyber Citizenship
Positive presence
About the cyber world

Handling online content and behaviour

Cyber Contacts

The key ideas are further enforced through other platforms such as sharing conducted by Cyber Wellness Ambassadors during the morning assembly as well through LLP projects such as Project Singa.

Other Activities

Assembly Talks are conducted to bring across certain key messages to students.
Students also have a chance to learn new developments in the cyberspace through the Lab on Wheels conducted by IMDA Singapore.

For Parents

Parents who are interested to find out more on Cyber Wellness can click on the links below for useful resources: