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Learning for Life Programme (LLP)

The Learning for Life Programme (LLP) aims to help students deepen values and life skills while supporting them in discovering their strengths, interests and talents. It provides students with a broad and deep foundation for lifelong learning, and equips them with skills to lead purposeful lives. The LLP also seeks to support the school’s vision of developing students to be ‘Promise-Keepers, Hope-Builders and Servant-Leaders’. In tandem with the school’s Character First Programme, PHS seeks to harness the potential in every student to be the best that he or she can be.

Our LLP focuses on Community Youth Leadership where students lead in serving the community. The concept of Servant Leadership by Robert K. Greenleaf is the basis of our LLP. Under this framework, a leader’s primary motivation and role is to be of service to others. Students will initiate and plan for a community project and ultimately, they will be groomed to optimise their potential to be Servant-Leaders.

The LLP is implemented via a three-tiered approach:

Tier 1 – Every class will initiate and plan for a community project.

Tier 2 – Every CCA will initiate and plan for a community project.

Tier 3 – Selected student leaders from various CCAs will participate in a signature overseas community project.

The LLP collectively develops the mental, physical and emotional wellness of our students to give them a firm foundation, so that they can optimise their performance in their academic pursuits, CCAs and other school activities.

Besides students, staff from each department will also initiate, plan and execute a community project. Teachers act as facilitators to guide students in planning for their community project through the Service Learning Approach.