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Student Well-Being

Student Well-Being

The Student Well-Being Team consists of Year Head, Assistant Year Head, Consortium Co-ordinators and Form teachers. Their role in a nutshell is to manage the holistic development of students in each level in the school.

Rationale and Intent

The rationale and intent of the Student Well-Being programme is

·      to develop age-appropriate programmes and strategies to support the holistic development of all of the students

·   to enable schools to enhance the quality of school experience for students, with greater emphasis on, and attention to, values education and students’ social emotional needs and development

The Consortium team sets out to promote greater interdisciplinary linkages and collaboration among teachers and students within the consortium levels. The team is not only involved in the development of students is not limited to the cognitive, morale and social & moral, but also in mentoring the staff in the development of students and working with partners to further collaboration. 

The team is also responsible for the pastoral care and academic excellence of the consortium.


Signature Programmes For Lower Sec


Level Activity

Secondary 1

Sec 1 Orientation Camp

Secondary 2

Sec 2 Adventure Camp