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Student Well-Being and Development 

At PHS, student well-being is founded upon a culture of care for and between our students. In our school song and school values are the words  “立己立人 ”, meaning to grow oneself in order to serve others and be a blessing to those around us. As students journey through their secondary school lives with PHS, they experience this culture of care in three ways, encapsulated by the three Chinese phrases:

Firstly, “ 长中爱我 ”, meaning “PHS cares for me ” iterates our commitment to care for each and every one of our students through positive teacher-student relationships, a safe and inclusive school environment as well as holistic development programmes and socio-emotional support. Secondly, 
“ 我爱长中 ”, meaning “Care for one another in PHS” describes our expectation that all students are supportive of one another, practising empathy and respect towards each and every one of their peers. Through these positive, caring relationships, we hope students will come to “Inspire others to love PHS” as represented by “ 爱我长中 ”.