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Student Leadership

Student Leadership Programme

The Student Leadership Programme equips our students to be role models of good values, manners and etiquette. We aim to nurture the leadership potential of our students and to prepare them for future leadership roles. We empower our students through training and the chance to lead in their daily duties and responsibilities. We hope that the process of becoming a servant leader is a life-long pursuit in every of our students.

Students are provided with several opportunities to develop their leadership skills in a myriad of ways, both within their classes and within the larger school community. For example, each class is represented by a Class Committee, headed by a Class Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson. Members of the Class Committee oversee day-to-day classroom organisation and administrative matters while fostering stronger bonds between their peers. Students also have opportunities to facilitate inter-cohort relationships and effective teamwork as CCA Leaders, in their respective CCAs. Separately, selected students serve the school as Student Councillors, who are actively involved in managing school discipline as well as in school events such as the Secondary One Orientation Camp and the Secondary Two Adventure Camp.

We have introduced the Peer Support Leader (PSL) programme to enhance the peer support culture in school. PSL duties focus on three main areas: peer bonding, peer helping, and peer influencing. PSLs organise bonding activities to engender a sense of belonging among their peers, and actively look out for others who may be lonely, isolated and/or distressed. They also offer support and advocate for healthy relationships both online and offline. Two PSLs are appointed in each class to work together to support their peers.  

As PHS students journey through their years here as student leaders, they are able to build their confidence, practise interacting with peers and stakeholders, and develop their leadership skills. Through this process, PHS students come to a better understanding of what it means to be an exemplary Servant Leader.