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Student Well-being Framework

Conceptualized in 2019, PHS’ Student Well-being Framework lays out our school’s aims and practices in cultivating a culture of care founded on our belief that every student is valuable.

Throughout their time at PHS, students experience a range of programmes and have access to various support systems. At the core of our approach to student well-being is the desire for every student to be a happy student. As shown in the centre of the framework above, we believe this occurs when students enjoy Safety, Inclusiveness, and Positive Teacher-Student Relationships (TSR)

At PHS therefore, all students feel safe in school. We do not tolerate bullying in any form, whether physical, verbal, or in online spaces. Additional support through after-school programmes, as well as support from our School Counsellor and AED (LBS) are available too. Similarly, all students should feel included and valued regardless of their individual learning styles or needs. Students also benefit from positive relationships with their peers through the buddy system and the Peer Support Programme. Finally, all students enjoy positive relationships with their teachers , through 1-1 conversations with their Form Teachers and annual events like Eat with Preshigh Family Day where students connect with their classmates and teachers.

This supportive environment develops in our students’ confidence and resilience as they acquire life-skills and prepare themselves for the future. At the same time, even as students strive for excellence, we hope that they use their skills and talents to make a positive impact on their families, peers, and wider society.